Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My First task with the operating system let's try to delete 258 email messages, or mark as read

hi all,
Note: I was able to get my Rogers account working, thus will be OFFICIALLY living with this operating system for AWHILE.
I use advanced settings to set up an email account. Please comment on this blog if you have trouble setting up a BlackBerry Q10 (or Z10) on the Rogers Yahoo! Email!

Down to 31 messages at 10:44pm ... the 5 swipes down on the top right seems to do a refresh.. a FASTER one than in the previous OS? Maybe it was a coincidence, but after that super lightning fast hub refresh, it seems to be working fast

In other news, wrestling fans, the WWE app is part of Blackberry 10 OS

ERROR message:
"sorry system.apps is not responding" and it had some buttons
<Force Restart> ... or ignore something like that..(after I launched the Songza app)

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