Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leaked: OS only for STL100-2/3/4 and SQN100-1/2/3/4/5

Well I think today is a good day to drop this. Now before you install this, you need to read and follow the instructions exactly, in order to receive BlackBerry services like BBM and Protect. Anyone who followed my debugging phase will be aware of this. 

First, download and install for your respective device from BlackBerry. Complete the initial setup to make sure you have BlackBerry services running. Than proceed with a security wipe. can be downloaded from here:
http://developer.blackberry.com/blac...ha_update.html (thanks PDM)

Second, download and run the OS ONLY from below. You'll end up with OS and radio. 

As per usual, I, nor Crackberry are responsible for any damage done to your device. Keep in mind this OS superimposes your PIN to the screen, so be careful with your screenshots. 

Warning: Software Update via settings, or downloading carrier based apps, have been known to bootloop a device. If this happens you will need to reflash the 483 OS only. 

Another warning because I forgot: OOOH I just remembered, if you rely on BBM Channels, and you install it, you won't be able to REPLY to BBM actionable notifications. You'll get the notification but can't reply. So don't install BBM Channels if you don't have too (hence why I haven't been posting much if anyone has wondering why my channel is silent)
And without further ado here is the link: 


(yes its mega, don't complain)

PS. If you have a STL100-1, you may attempt to load your respective 341 than load this, however I highly doubt this will work, that being said I've had no way to test this theory. 

PPS. If you have a SQR100-1/2/3 etc. Your out of lucky, unless you want to try flashing this over top a a non 341 OS, or if 341 Q10 works on your devices, than use that, than flash this. Again no device to test with, so expirement at own risk. 

So have fun and let's have a good AGM day  

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