Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leaked: OS Feature list and Usage Experience for a Tek Saavy user

So, I installed the Blackberry OS on my Blakkberry QN (SQN100-1). Note I will update this post regularly with new features I discover, bugs and more!

  • So there is a multi-alarm ability in the built in clocks! yay!

  • loving the popups of messages from contacts and ability to reply right from there(if you are fast enough..not sure if there is a way to set the timing of the toast notifications..there probably is)
  • hmm , the search icon changed, interesting.
  • for EACH account you need to retype your password then it says "SAVING AND VERIFYING YOUR SETTINGS)
  • I have Gmail,Hotmail, Rogers Yahoo! emails.. for each of those I will get the "Saving and verifying your settings" 
  • Oh Boy! the 5-swipe ability to restart the hub is gone?
  • SPELL CHECK: there is now a red highlighting for typos?
  • Google Calendar, Email looks okay but the other thing, CardDav or whatever appears to be dead?

The account setup is still annoying as EVER. Okay I attempted to delete the accounts Rogers and Gmail and re-add them... the results... Saving and verifying your <> settings... and I see that orbiting square with mini circles around it as the "progress bar" or busy signal. And all looks well... at a glance... so if you guys have issues with your accounts just DELETE them and re-add the account!

it asks you for your passwords when you upgrade!

7/10/2013 OS issues:
Glitch: I sent 2 texts, one showed a red icon or something and the other shows those waves as it sends a message I think, basically lag for about 5 seconds, before the texts sent.


  1. hmm one possible annoyance: if you get a toast notification, but are typing a text, it will lose focus of your text :(

  2. The pop up reply sounds very interesting. I think I'll hold out until the next 10.2 leaks out. Thanks!

  3. discovered an attachment viewer of all attachments in each individual account...really cool!