Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blackberry OS : My Thoughts/Feedback on it after using it

So after working with this OS for a few days I notice the following

  • toast notifications interrupt you when texting, so you lose focus
  • the priority feature doesn't seem too amazing, haven't really noticed it
  • sometimes the messages still jam during sending and hiccup for around 30 seconds
  • Multi-alarms is a pretty cool feature, (though glitchy) i.e. the clock they show and each alarm is shown in red, but it seems to be updated in the ALARM LIST, but not on the visual display

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Timeplay and DailyHoroscope finally available for Blackberry 10 Q10! OMG?

So I checked the Blackberry app store and apparently timeplay showed up in there?
Not sure if it's because I had a .bar file stuck in space somewhere or if it was legitimately released

Wow legitimately released! Timeplay

DailyHoroscope App works too!

Wow , finally the apps are here?

Leaked: OS Feature list and Usage Experience for a Tek Saavy user

So, I installed the Blackberry OS on my Blakkberry QN (SQN100-1). Note I will update this post regularly with new features I discover, bugs and more!

  • So there is a multi-alarm ability in the built in clocks! yay!

  • loving the popups of messages from contacts and ability to reply right from there(if you are fast enough..not sure if there is a way to set the timing of the toast notifications..there probably is)
  • hmm , the search icon changed, interesting.
  • for EACH account you need to retype your password then it says "SAVING AND VERIFYING YOUR SETTINGS)
  • I have Gmail,Hotmail, Rogers Yahoo! emails.. for each of those I will get the "Saving and verifying your settings" 
  • Oh Boy! the 5-swipe ability to restart the hub is gone?
  • SPELL CHECK: there is now a red highlighting for typos?
  • Google Calendar, Email looks okay but the other thing, CardDav or whatever appears to be dead?

The account setup is still annoying as EVER. Okay I attempted to delete the accounts Rogers and Gmail and re-add them... the results... Saving and verifying your <> settings... and I see that orbiting square with mini circles around it as the "progress bar" or busy signal. And all looks well... at a glance... so if you guys have issues with your accounts just DELETE them and re-add the account!

it asks you for your passwords when you upgrade!

7/10/2013 OS issues:
Glitch: I sent 2 texts, one showed a red icon or something and the other shows those waves as it sends a message I think, basically lag for about 5 seconds, before the texts sent.

Leaked: OS only for STL100-2/3/4 and SQN100-1/2/3/4/5

Well I think today is a good day to drop this. Now before you install this, you need to read and follow the instructions exactly, in order to receive BlackBerry services like BBM and Protect. Anyone who followed my debugging phase will be aware of this. 

First, download and install for your respective device from BlackBerry. Complete the initial setup to make sure you have BlackBerry services running. Than proceed with a security wipe. can be downloaded from here: (thanks PDM)

Second, download and run the OS ONLY from below. You'll end up with OS and radio. 

As per usual, I, nor Crackberry are responsible for any damage done to your device. Keep in mind this OS superimposes your PIN to the screen, so be careful with your screenshots. 

Warning: Software Update via settings, or downloading carrier based apps, have been known to bootloop a device. If this happens you will need to reflash the 483 OS only. 

Another warning because I forgot: OOOH I just remembered, if you rely on BBM Channels, and you install it, you won't be able to REPLY to BBM actionable notifications. You'll get the notification but can't reply. So don't install BBM Channels if you don't have too (hence why I haven't been posting much if anyone has wondering why my channel is silent)
And without further ado here is the link:!YNR2hahD!Q91-KT...s1iqJbomVQrUaI

(yes its mega, don't complain)

PS. If you have a STL100-1, you may attempt to load your respective 341 than load this, however I highly doubt this will work, that being said I've had no way to test this theory. 

PPS. If you have a SQR100-1/2/3 etc. Your out of lucky, unless you want to try flashing this over top a a non 341 OS, or if 341 Q10 works on your devices, than use that, than flash this. Again no device to test with, so expirement at own risk. 

So have fun and let's have a good AGM day  

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Mirrors! Thanks to tezytan
downloadpart 1 for free!
download part 2 for free!
download part 3 for free!

Thanks to ravipiero
Mirror: direct link 
Uploaded to friends' web hosting.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Attempt to run Shazam on Blackberry 10

I tried this guide to get Shazam to run on the Blackberry Q10

it failed miserably to identify Linkin Park - Numb, in the meantime use soundhound from the Blackberry App store I guess. "couldn't tag another app may be using the microphone"

:( fails to Tag, great, at least the top 10 works or whatever.

Find some more apps on the APK to BAR convertor

Okay, so TIMEPLAY is unstable for sure!

TinyChat app "" >> also crashes!
RBC app fails
nETflix app FAILS
.. hmm not as great a world of "bars" as it seems!

Q10 Link : Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10

As more and more users start getting their new BlackBerry Q10 - more and more will be in search of the latest OS. Luckily we have a hot new leak today that should make plenty of Q10 users very happy. Leaked OS Q10 is available now for anyone who is willing to give it a go. 
Again, this is an unofficial OS so install it at your own risk. You'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and be sure to do a full backup before you start - just in case. You shouldn't have any issues, but if you do, don't blame us.
You can download the autoloader file for the OS below or head into the forums for more discussion.
Get it Here:!0d5hwIqZ!ILTwyW7WXs5yTW9iAVXSAU_qn5Vs9s0ra99DmzrGKb0

Apparently the one I downloaded which was 1GB was a bit of overkill compared to this 915MB version.
Basically, it contained a self-contained EXE file which you restart your phone. Be sure to run a backup first.

Note the "code words" or model names
or STL100- = Z10
SQN = Q10 

My First task with the operating system let's try to delete 258 email messages, or mark as read

hi all,
Note: I was able to get my Rogers account working, thus will be OFFICIALLY living with this operating system for AWHILE.
I use advanced settings to set up an email account. Please comment on this blog if you have trouble setting up a BlackBerry Q10 (or Z10) on the Rogers Yahoo! Email!

Down to 31 messages at 10:44pm ... the 5 swipes down on the top right seems to do a refresh.. a FASTER one than in the previous OS? Maybe it was a coincidence, but after that super lightning fast hub refresh, it seems to be working fast

In other news, wrestling fans, the WWE app is part of Blackberry 10 OS

ERROR message:
"sorry system.apps is not responding" and it had some buttons
<Force Restart> ... or ignore something like that..(after I launched the Songza app) Rogers Yahoo IMAP server severe failures :( can't receive mails!

glitch discovered: I installed on my Q10 with Bell, and my Rogers Yahoo! email didn't work (I used the exact same settings on my Ipad by manually selecting to add a new email account and and it just totally hated me it said 
"Verification required" visit to login to your Rogesr account, and then try again... Fail.. This includes after I restored via Blackberry Link ...

Documented Fixes in the Q10

"Some of mine:
- Remote File Access "

In my personal experience, well I will need some more time.. The restore it taking it's own sweet time locked up at 27% as of 324 PM EST

"Yeah I had to reload Q10SQN100-1/ for the MMS issues. Lucky I have other devices to use before I had a chance to do it, since group text is used extensively at my job. "

"It's very smooth performance seems twice as good as 2354 gonna have to do a battrry drain test tmrw on my heavy cycle "

Blackberry Q10 : reasons why I went to crackberry and and downloaded OS

Hi neighbours,
As you know the Blackberry Q10, is full of some glitches.
For more information on the leaked version check out
more details on the OS

While it is a great device, it does have some lag or screen updating related issues and annoying problems:

  • Scrolling: while writing a text message my scrolling goes to a part lower where I can't even see what I'm typing
  • texts (and WhatsApp) messages get jammed.. i.e. I can't hit the bloody send button, if I send multiple messages fast, the screen jams, causing my currently drafted (LONG) messages to just not send. !